WLCC is...

A specialty Coffee Roaster in the Portland Oregon, home of some of the best coffee roasters in the world. WLCC offers a wide variety of coffees sourced from farms around the world to bring the very best coffee to market.

Through our partners we develop mutually beneficial relationships with the farmers, cooperatives, and the communities we buy from. Together we are building a stronger, more resilient supply chain. Consistency and repeatability are critical for us. We aren’t in this for just one season.


Producer: Raquel Lasso stems from a family of nine, a multi-generational family of traditional coffee growers. She is the leader and co-founder of FUDAM, founder of Manos de Mujers and founder of an NGO that works to support women coffee growers in her community in Nariño, Colombia. 

Species: These seeds were originally purchased around the 1950’s in Panama and identified as “Geisha 2722” by the Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza in Costa Rica. “Geisha” is believed to have been originated in the mountains of Gesha, Ethiopia. 

This rare, dwarf-like coffee plant is low yielding and considered extremely difficult to grow and thus requires lots attention throughout it’s harvest cycles. Farmers often stay away from producing these coffees as they are not cost effective and are considered a  high risk in return on investment. Raquel’s extensive farming  experience and dedication to fertile, nutrient dense soil has led her to produce some of the best Geisha  in the world.

Terrior: Grown in mountains of  Andes, Narino at 2000 meters above sea level.  These high altitude and low oxygen environments lead to slow maturation and lengthy ripening periods. The results are incredible sugar content and dense cellular structure translating to complex, layered flavor characteristics. 


Process: Geisha beans are mechanically depulped and washed clean 3 times before being sealed in pickle barrels for anaerobic fermentation. The absence of oxygen in the fermentation process results in uniqueness and deep syrupy sweetness.